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Originally from Slovenia, EU, I am a visual communications designer. I like to approach a variety of design fields, from interactive design to printed posters and books. I found this assists in my growth and development, widening my knowledge as a designer. Along with completing the BFA at the Academy of fine arts and design in Ljubljana, my past experiences range from in-house design lead, creative designer at Formitas/BBDO and Art Director at OKMG in Perth, WA. After challenging myself in the profession, I  found every field within design has its sense of creativity and uniqueness, which is why I strive to explore and expand my knowledge. 

The work I create can be described as bold, often featuring colourful designs with a combination of illustration or/and typography. I am often inspired by food photography, pastry and food plating, along with exploring the world of art history.

In our creative field, I enjoy creating brands, packaging and creative campaigns that surprise, thrill and evoke emotions.

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