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Hair supplies

Concept & Design

Art Director/Designer 2022


This project was created as a part of my starting position as an Art Director at OKMG.  The assigned task was to refresh and update the current online experience with a focus on easy navigation, product and category highlight. The key audiences include small hair salon owners, freelance hair stylists, and barber shop owners across Australia.

The mood board provided taps into contemporary aesthetics that combine tech and beauty. More closely aligned with fashion branding, Clean, Inclusive, Androgynous, Accessible, Refined, Reliable, Cool - not trendy, Photographic lead.

Artboard 1-100.jpg
blonde hair


Primary Type, Nexa
Presenting the new generation of typefaces that do not go out of style, easily becoming a new classic like its predecessors Futura, Avenir etc. The unique appearance of Nexa combined with its rich variety places it beyond the scope of regular geometric typefaces for all kinds of scales and purposes and designs that speak for themselves. Font family comes with an addition of one more weight—Extra Light—and its matching italic, alongside an entirely new subfamily—Nexa Text, optimised for longer text, and even a futurist stylistic set of Nexa for an alternative display look. 

Secondary type, Hoefler Text - italic versions

Good balance and contrast with the primary font, making the overall compositions and aesthetics more interesting to the eye. This serif font family is a modern yet vintage typeface designed by Jonathan Hoefler. A digital Typography Revolution (some sources say Apple Computer Inc.) released this typeface in 1991 to showcase advanced type technologies.

Artboard 1 copy-100.jpg
Artboard 1 copy 4-100.jpg


The lifestyle homepage is composed of two product sections and featured middle sections that can highlight a brand, product or any store news.

Their slogan Create with confidence has been extended into additional eight versions for social media campaigns (view on the upper videos).

mockup webpage brand
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