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Calendar 2020/2021

Academy of fine arts and design Ljubljana

Bachelor thesis 2019

Practical part

For the practical part of a Bachelor thesis I've created a wall calendar, that can also function as a table calendar. 

The purpose of this Bachelor thesis is to research and design a wall calendar. Te base for the thesis is to research almanacs and the calendars that have originated from it. The primary aims are to get acquainted with the meanings and usage of almanacs, to use it as an inspiration to implement its usability, and to include informational aspects into the visualization of the wall calendar. One of the aspirations is to introduce informatical aspects of calendar that are becoming forgotten to younger generations. 

The theory consists of the world history of calendars and history in the Slovenian region, analysis of almanacs and wall calendars. The concentration will be focussed on the question of usability and the function of them. Te suitable outcome of the thesis in its primary use would be the wall calendar created according to a modern approach that will not only satisfy the aesthetical aspect but also the aspect of usability and informativeness found in almanacs.

Artboard 6 copy 3.png
Artboard 6 copy 2.png
Artboard 6 copy 4.png
Artboard 6 copy 5.png
kvadrat_vogal_val_april copy.png
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