social design:

Social Desing Project

SunSlugger 2019

Project created in a Social design: Practice and research unit at Western Syndey University (Autumn semester 2019). Short description and aims of the projects are described here below. Additional information can be found at the bottom of this page.

The campaign itself is composed of two parts, the first being an event and the second part revolves around the usage of the products. The aim is to commission local artists to apply their artwork onto the material on umbrellas and turn sun shaders into something aesthetic and appealing to the target audience. We can see these amazing murals painted at Bondi, the aim is to apply the artistic concept and transform something that is currently viewed as unnecessary and boring beach protection (umbrellas), and convey the importance of sun protection, which can positively contribute to the end goal.

The event is formed around this idea; local artist painting beach umbrellas live on the beach. The intent is to make this campaign an interactive social event, with music and booths, that will gain the attention of the target audience, and hence educate the audience on the importance of sun protection during the process. The second stage is the usage of previously introduced umbrellas on Bondi. They will be stationed there for the intended stakeholder group, they can borrow them, and use them freely whilst at the beach. The umbrellas will create an Instagram/ social movement with the hashtag (#ImSoShady) written under the umbrella. They get involved by sharing it on their Instagrams, and with that, they can win different kinds of merchandise that has a sun protection theme.