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WeCan Conference

Concept & Design

Creative Designer 2022

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Design created for European Marketing and Media Conference WeCan. Each year the conference is hosted in a different country. The hosting city has the responsibility of designing all of the conference visuals. In 2022 the conference was held in Ljubljana (Slovenia). The conference organisers came to our company (Formitas) and asked us to create a small-scale identity specialised for the 2022 conference. The primary concept was to use the expression of sculptures built on the Robba Fountain in Ljubljana as the primary element in the visual language. The final result includes an illustration of Ljubljanas' "Nabrežje" with a bright sun as the visual key point.

Artboard 1.jpg
Artboard 3.jpg
Artboard 4.jpg
Artboard 4 copy.jpg
Artboard 2.jpg
Artboard 4 copy 2.jpg
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